C.A.A. Shining Series

C.A.A. Shining Shampoo | 200ml / 500ml
1.Enhance volume and fullness
2.Restore vitality to limp hair
3.Keep the moist & protein thru shampooing

Suitable for
1.Fine & limp hair
2.Frequent colored/perm hair
3.Damaged hair
4.Heavy user of styling products

Wet hair, lather , rinse thoroughly and repeat.

Main ingredients
Collagen amino acids-small molecular could penetrate into cortex and supple protein and moist to needed hair , and effectively keep fullness & volume

C.A.A. Shining Conditioner | 200ml / 500ml

1.Minimize the frictional damages
3.Increase resilience
4.Balance pH value
5.Restrains the cuticle

Suitable for
1.Dry & damaged hair
2.Colored/perm hair

Apply evenly on after-shampooed hair thoroughly, leave in hair for 3 minutes and rinse.

Main ingredients
1.Collagen Amino Acids--Restore vitality of limp /fine hair
2.Vitamin E Anti-aging & anti-oxidation
3.D-Panthenol-deep-penetrating nourishment

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