Olive Essence Lotion | 150ml

1.Bacteria Control
2.Balance oil secretion
3.Ease the sting & itchness of scalp

Suitable for
1.Oily scalp
2.Allergic/Sensitive scalp

1.Shampoo, rinse and towel dry hair.
2.Apply proper amount on scalp evenly.
3.Massage gently, leave on and style.

Main ingredients
1.Cress extract-scalp cleansing
2.Chamomile-eliminate allergic reaction
3.Thioproline – balance sebum secretion

  Olive Relaxing Massage Essence E | 30ml

2.Soothing & Stress-relief
3.Gentle massage could eliminate flaking and strengthen hair
4.Accelerate scalp metabolism and prevent from hairloss

Suitable for
2.Under huge work pressure
3.Tired scalp

1.Scalp - Work it into scalp evenly and massage thoroughly, leave for 2-3 minutes then do the shampoo process.
2.Face - After cleansing, apply evenly on the face and massage gently.
3.Temple & Shoulder-Work it into temple & shoulder evenly and massage thoroughly.

Main ingredients
1.Pure sunflower oil — base oil
2.Vitamin E-Strengthen / protective
3.Natural essential oils - sandalwood, neroli, spearmint, peppermint, lavender, ginger and orange.

  Olive Balancing Lotion + Hair Treatment │ 6 x 7ml / 500ml

1.Infuse moisturizing agents
2.Scalp revitalization & Moisturizing
3.Nourising & anti-oxidation
4.Neutralize negatives of hair
5.Protect and Repair for sensitive skin

Suitable for
1.Frequent blowdry
2.Oily scalp
3.Sensitive scalp

1.Towel dry after each shampoo
2.Apply Hair treatment evenly on hair
3.Stay for 3 mins and steam for 15-20mins ( Do not use steamer for serious-damaged hair)
4.Cool for 5 mins and rinse with warm water ,the towel dry
5.Apply balancing lotion on scalp and gently massage
6.Leave in and style .

Main ingredients
Olive Hair Treatment
1.Vitamin E - Anti-oxidation & Anti-aging
2.Olive oil - Nourishing

3.D- Panthenol(vitamin B5 complex)- Replenish & conditioning

Scalp Balancing Lotion
1.Botanicalextracts(Aloe,Ginseng,Burdock,Peppermint,Nasturtium) - Refresh scalp and accelerate blood circulation.
2.Allantoin - Accelerate cell growth and skin protector
3.Bisabolol - Anti-inflammation and protect sensitive skin

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