2017 Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong


2017 Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong

For the year of 2017, Our corporation – Shaan Honq Int’l Cosmetics Corp. attended again at Cosmoprof Asia, this exhibition was taken part from November 15th to 17th 2017. Once again, our hair care booth was located at the 5th floor of the Hongkong Convention & Exhibition center, together with many different booths from other companies all around the world.


We divided it into 3 different brands which were “SH-RD hair care”; “Chihtsai hair care”; and “PS Pure Scalp System”.The booth of SH-RD of this year got quite a few visitors, and many of them feel interested in SH-RD protein cream, which was got the Taiwan Excellent Award last year. Our outstanding product “SH-RD protein cream” is an excellent leave-in instant treatment that repairs and protects hair, help it un-static, defrizz, soft and shiny. It helps to protect hair from heat, and UV rays. Moreover, it is extremely helpful in avoiding split ends and leave hair “light as feather”.


For the Chihtsai booth this year, we are proud to take again our color series of products: Color Reflection, a line designed with essential oils for different types or hair and scalps; SP color, our Semi-Permanent colors that aren’t only color for hair but also work to change their hair color more often, but do not want to damage their hair. And yes, our “color fun” product can be met requirements for those who love to have their hair color changed.


 For our third booth on the 5th floor - PS Pure Scalp System, we got a chance again to take this line of products designed authentically and specifically for the care of the scalp. PS Pure Scalp System includes 12 products to solve the 4 major problems in the scalp: oily scalp, dandruff, sensitive, and hair loss. Product treatment includes: Relaxation, Exfoliation, Cleansing, Calming, and Activating (Nourishing).


Many of the visitors came over to take pictures of this booth and asked for the product information, since according to them, they said that they are attracted of the design and the color of both the booth and the products, they feel that it is very authentic and distinguish. These special designed products include: Beauty Scope, massage comb and massage chair.


We thank everyone for visiting us this year and look forward seeing you again next year!

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