2017 PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY S.A. Managua, Nicaragua Managua, Nicaragua



Managua, Nicaragua

Hair Show & Look and Learn Seminar

March 7th & 8th, 2017

This year in our Chihtsai Distributor Professional Beauty held their Hair Show & Look and Learn Cutting Seminar in Managua, Nicaragua.  The event provided techniques, training and quality education essential to grow and succeed in this fast paced cutting edge industry. The show brought in a lot of excited attendees this year and continues to grow rapidly with each year



Professional Beauty of Nicaragua had an amazing 3nd year at the show. It was lead by Nicholas J.Domena (Director of Education WellJoy USA and International Educator for Shaan Honq) and supporting artist Mayra Zelaya (Director of Education Professional Beauty).  As a heart driven team, they focused on Chihtsai Hair Care such as Olive, Yellow Seduction, and the all new Color Fun Semi-Permanente Color and Fun Style Color Fun.


Everyone had an exciting time working behind the scenes at the show. They worked very hard to bring some of the most beautiful creations to life.

Color Fun for Everyone:

Mayra worked the stage demonstrating how to use the Color Fun Semi Permanente Color Line. She fused imagination and creativity together showing the newest color designs for 2017. 

Not just a CUT:

It’s time to have fun! Nicholas brings his A-Game to Nicaragua and executes artwork at its best. Nick delivered beautiful haircuts with such precision and flawless techniques. He finished the styles using Olive Instant Treatment and Chihtsai #12 Instant Treatment and a flat iron to give a polish effect along with superior shine.

Fun Fun Fun:

Nicholas demonstrates how to use our newest styling product that doesn’t require any bleaching or coloring of the hair. He invites some of the attendees to come join him up on stage for a little fun, Fun Style Color Fun that is.


ART comes to LIFE:

Everyone had an exciting time working behind the scenes at the show. On the models we used Color Fun and SP Conditioning Color Cream for creating some of the most beautiful color designs at the show.

The new Color Fun is the most amazing coloring system out there. They don't just color the hair, but repair and conditioner as well. This is a totally different concept out there. We are bringing you the most beautiful colors ever seen from Taiwan to you.  

Bringing the show to an end:

The Professional Beauty Hair Show & Look and Learn Cutting Seminar in Nicaragua came to a perfect end with the help and support of so many. Our Distributor was very happy with her 3rd year show. Showing off some of the greatest products that were used at the show and bringing together everyone for a classic picture. It was a huge success and it paid off with everyone’s hard work.

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