C.A.A. Shining Hair Treatment | 600ml
1.Penetrate into cortex and strengthen shafts
2.Supply nutrients to damaged parts
3.Adding moisture and prevent from protein loss
4.Repair the porosity and degrease

Suitable for
1.Fine/limp hair
2.Porous hair
3.Frequent- colored/perm/blowdry

1.Shampoo, rinse and towel dry hair.
2.Work it into hair evenly and massage thoroughly from hair roots to ends.
3.Use steam cap for 20-25 minutes.
4.Rinse well.Note:Do not use high-temp steamer for seriously-damaged hair.

Main ingredients
1.Adding vitamin E, sunflower oil & D-panthenol which easily absorbed onto negatively charge surface and reaches the superb softening effect. The contents consist of highly hygroscopic free amino acids inside the Collagen Amino Acids(C.A.A.), which can bind with large amount of water. Also restore the vitality of limp hair, helping to enhance the volume and fullness.

C.A.A. Shining Hair Serum | 150ml
1.volume & fullness enhancement
2.Chitosan replenish the splits and color-protection
3.Collagen Amino Acids Moisturizing
4.Wheat Protein Deep penetration & strengthen
5.Silk Protein Nourishing

Suitable for
1.Fine & Limp hair
2.Dry & Frizz hair
3.Humid-area hair

1.Apply on shampooed and dried hair evenly.
2.Leave in and style.

Main ingredients
1.D-Panthenol - Repairing
2.Collagen Amino Acids - small molecular could penetrate into cortex and supple protein and moist to needed hair, and effectively keep fullness & volume.
3.Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein - deep penetrates and strengthen the fragile shafts
4.Silk Amino Acids - nutrition supplement
5.Chitosan - Repair and bonds the cuticles, reducing the possibility of losing protein & moisture from hair

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